Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Knox County School Board Is Anti-Farragut and a Memo to Dr. McIntyre

In today's Knoxville News-Sentinel is this story. The Senior member of the school board, Samuel Anderson is spewing hate. Hate toward the Town of Farragut. He informs the Superintendent (through Lola Alapo's story) not to reside in the Town of Farragut. First, of all is this red-lining? Informing someone where he and his family should not reside. Is this a threat? As one of nine of McIntyre's employers and one of the five that hired him.

First, of all McIntyre could move to the county communities of Farragut, Southwest Knox County, Karns, Hardin Valley, Powell, Halls, Gibbs, Carter, South Knox County and still send them to the inner city magnet schools. The under performing schools. Heck, there are a bunch of county schools that are under performing.

Second, the City of Knoxville gave up the city schools and let's review what they gave to the county. Old Asbestos filled buildings, that had to be replaced, an unfunded pension plan, no air-conditioning in its buildings, no technology in its buildings, leaking roofs that had to be replaced, teachers that were overpaid in comparison to the county teachers, a golden parachute for its administrators. Just to name a few.

What if Farragut resident and Knox County School Board Member Thomas Deakins were to say (and he wouldn't by the way) that the Superintendent shouldn't live in the first district or in the fourth and gill neighborhood because as city residents they abandoned the school business. He would be portrayed as a racist and an elitist.

As for McIntyre's comment at end of the story. "I'm going to ask that my kids be generally off limits. I want to make sure our kids have a normal childhood and are not subject to undue scrutiny." I am writing a memo to Dr. McIntyre and here it is.

Dear Dr. McIntyre:

You're request will NOT be honored by the News-Sentinel. This town is partially controlled by the very paper that you were quoted in. They have in recent history printed the whereabouts and the coming and going's of the family members of Knox County Law Director John Owings, Knox County Property Assessor John Whitehead, Commissioner Scott Moore, Commissioner Paul Pinkston, Commissioner Craig Leuthold, Commissioner Tony Norman, Commissioner Ivan Harmon, Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, former Commissioner Diane Jordan, former Commissioner Richard Cate, former Commissioner Frank Leuthold, former Commissioner Mark Cawood, former Commissioner Sharon Cawood, former Commissioner Mary Lou Horner, former Commissioner John Mills, former Commissioner Larry Clark, former Knox County School Board Member Brian Hornback, former Knox County Trustee Mike Lowe and former Sheriff Tim Hutchison.

Heck, in regards to former Sheriff Tim Hutchison. They printed a map and photographs to his weekend home in another county. It was on the front page, top of the fold. It was so disturbing that his wife has refused to spend anytime there do to the papers lack of privacy for his family.

When you take your family to the Krystal, Chili's or Aubrey's it will be discussed on blogs, community newspapers and the News-Sentinel. What movies you take your wife and children to will be discussed. Everything you do will be discussed ad nauseam. As for Brian's Blog, we will leave your family alone. As we have left the personal affairs of every elected official alone. I get emails all the time wanting to know, why haven't you discussed this or that. I will criticize and expose actions in officials capacities. Like flying Brian Bingelli to Knox County on a private jet. While you were forced to fly commercially.

There are many great communities to live and raise your family. I am a native Knox Countian. I was raised in East Knox County, attending Sunnyview Elementary School through the eighth grade and I attended and graduating from Carter High School.

In 1992, my wife and I along with our one child at the time moved to Southwest Knox County and for us it was a better option. As the Immediate Past Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party, I have visited every community in Knox County. I have friends in every community in Knox County (even Halls, though I give them allot of grief over that stupid slogan they have). Your family will be fine, wherever you decide to relocate. As for the scrutiny that comes with serving in this community. That is a totally different story. The News Sentinel has an agenda and it is an ugly one.

Welcome to Knox County.

Brian Hornback

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