Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Certain Blogger Has Accused Me Of Supporting Candidates Belonging To Other Parties

This certain blogger accused me recently of supporting candidates from different parties than the Republican party, here and here. He claims to be a Republican. His wife is an elected member of the State Republican Executive Committee.

It appears that the loyalty that he accuses everyone else of lacking is at question with his endorsement of a non Republican candidate for President. It seems that a few emails may be sent to one State Republican Chair, Robin Smith.

It seems that this particular blogger has become the blogger for a minority faction of the Knox County Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Can you truthfully say, you blame anyone from turning from the republican party? after what has went on nationally and local with the republicans. I don't expect you to give me a truthfully answer just putting this out for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

Stop being so coy, it makes you sound silly. A "certain blogger"??? Just say Huddleston. Gee wiz, already!


Brian Hornback said...

In response to anonymous #1. I don't blame anyone for making the decisions that they make. The blogger in question attacked me first, I am saying when living in glass houses don't throw stones. Don't be such a hypocrite saying one thing and being something else all together. Especially when his wife is in leadership of the party. Which she did at his encouraging. Because he called me asking for help for her to be successful. She ran unopposed by the way. I lived up to my end of his deal.

Brian Hornback said...

In response to anonymous #2 (Steve Mule). It is my blog, I will post the way that I want to. If you want to do your thing, then dust off your old blog and do yours the way you want to do it. It is just like you liberal deaniacs trying to tell someone how to do with their own property. Grow up, Steve.