Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Knox County Could Have Elected Superintendent of County Schools

UPDATE: 8:42 p.m.: There was an attempt to table Rep. Niceley's amendment. The tabling failed. State Representative Joe Armstrong spoke in favor of the tabling, stating that he had talked with the two School Board Chairs (Knox and Jefferson Counties) and he stated that the people back home desire to search out the best and brightest. When the tabling failed, the item was rolled. It will be back. Surely, Representative Armstrong does not believe that the members of the school board speak for the entire community. Because obviously, they do not. The school board is currently divided 5-4. With 4 board members made of people, not from around here, 4 members that are native Knox Countians and 1 Sam Anderson. In no way, can the Knox County School Board Chair speak with authority as to the will of the citizens of Knox County.

Original Post: State Representative Frank Niceley is expected to attach enabling legislation for Knox County to opt for an elected School Superintendent to a bill this afternoon. It is great to see a member of the Knox County delegation with some guts.

A member of the Brian's Blog team will be monitoring the House proceedings and will report when the action is taken.

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