Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farragut Press: Tyree is a Rule Breaker

In the Press Talk feature of tomorrow's edition of the Farragut Press someone called in and said "Why must a white pick-up truck with a town of Farragut logo on it persist to removing [Randy] Tyree for Sheriff signs from private properties? Is this democracy?" The reason is that the Democrat candidate for Sheriff is a rule breaker. The Town of Farragut requires that NO yard sign be placed in the right of way or illegally placed within the town limits. When signs are placed in the right of way or illegally, then the town staff must collect them. If a candidate is a rule breaker now, what kind of Sheriff will he be?


Brandon said...

No kidding. That's Tyree. Same old stuff, different day.

Julie Commander Mauck said...

The Farragut Press is a pathetic, heavily censored waste of paper - I wouldn't believe anything in it (especially if it's something that was sent in from a reader). My recommendation would be to do what I do - stack it up and use it to start your fires this winter (since it is free, after all). :)