Sunday, July 20, 2008

Knox Accountability Worker and I Find Common Ground..A Counter Strategy is Developed

Last night, I attended with my family the Sheriff's Departments Community Appreciation Day at The Cove - Concord Park. In The Cove, two tents were set up with the paid volunteers getting signatures for the Charter Petition. Community Activist James Golden was standing near the tent and commented to Trustee candidate Robert Bratton to tell people to turn these petitions over and read them before signing them. I was nearby and it brought together a five person conversation, Golden, Bratton, myself and the two paid staffers.

As the conversation was under way, I interjected. "Guys, you can't blame these two guys. They're making $1.65 per signature." One of the petition staffers said. "That's not true." To which I said "It was in the News-Sentinel." To which the petition staffer said. "you can't believe everything that you read in that paper." To which I remarked. "That's right, they printed your petition." So, me and the petition staffer found common ground agreement.

Here's the deal. The petition staffers are misleading the public. One female staffer said. "Sir, are you a Knox County citizen.?" I said "Yes." She said. Have you sign the nepotism petition. I said. "No." The other staffer kept chanting. "Sign here before they can steal anymore." I don't know why he kept referring to his own organization like that. Their arguments are misleading. But what do you expect from this group of former Victor Ashe appointed bureaucrats.

Now, a new counter strategy was developed last night. Encourage citizens to sign the two petitions at every possible opportunity that they can sign them. The Knox Accountability Group is billed the $1.65 and will not question the signature. The signature that is recorded on the petition is a fictitious name and fictitious address. When the petitions are turned in and are certified by the Knox County Election Commission then we will make a public records request to view the "certified" petitions and see how many fictitious signatures were certified.

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Anonymous said...

Brian I am glad you commented and this is so why knox politics needs a message board (see I was infuriated that they were their. Look, I am all for the right to petition (5th part of 1st amendment). However, you do it in a professional manor. They we yelling 'sign tonight before they take away your right!'
People brought their families to enjoy a nice beautiful peaceful entertaining evening.
I loved it, got my picture taken with BOTH SHERIFF HELICOPTERS *cool myspace photo ha ha*
Dan Andrews