Monday, July 21, 2008

Karen Carson of Knox County School Board..Arrogant and Elitist

News-Sentinel reporter J.J. Stambaugh covered the Knox County School Board meeting and workshop tonight. Here is J.J.'s report. "..Carson questioned the validity of the survey, pointing out 85 percent of responses came from households with two parents, and 64 percent of responding households included college graduates." Carson said."There are some groups we haven't touched," So, Carson wanted more or less two parent homes? or she wanted more or less single parent homes? Carson desired more college graduates or less? Carson reveals her arrogant and elitist motives. The bottom line is that it appears Carson desires no public opinion in the decisions made by the school board. Ask the parents and students affected by the massive high school rezoning. Or better yet, watch her when members of the public are speaking at public forum. She rolls her eyes, flips her hair and totally ignores what the common person is saying.

In response, the survey creator Michael Gant of the University of Tennessee Social Science Research Institute said that's a typical problem with mailed surveys.. "There's not much to be done about that," Gant said.

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