Sunday, July 13, 2008

Irvine Campaign Contribution

A reliable source for Brian's Blog presented this information about appointed Criminal Court Judge Ken Irvine's financial disclosure. This is interesting and is real perplexing seeing that Irvine has been putting his campaign signs in trees.

It is interesting and perplexing that Ken Irvine has received a $1,000.00 donation (the donation in question is found on page 3) The contribution is from the DRIVE Committee of the Retirees’ Chapter of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Our reliable source asked the following question. What possible interest could the Teamsters’ Retirees have in the selection of Criminal Court Judge in Knox County, Tennessee? Our source says that according to their Web site: DRIVE Committee: The Democratic, Republican Independent Voter Education (DRIVE) program is working hard to improve and protect the rights of Americans. It provides the necessary support to candidates for public office, and is a powerful way for us to have an impact on the political and legislative process, especially on issues that affect retirees. Federal law prohibits unions from using union dues money to make political contributions to candidates for federal office. We need to stop those who are trying to destroy our rights, as working and retired members, by supporting and passing anti-labor legislation. It is in our own best interest to get active in DRIVE. All we ask of our retired members, on a voluntary basis, is a $5.00 annual contribution to DRIVE. DRIVE holds the key to all of our futures!

The follow-up question that remains is. So – they support Irvine, against McGee, because he (Irvine) is going to affect the lives of retirees?

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