Friday, July 25, 2008

Knox County Republican Party Direct Mail Piece Hit The Mailboxes TODAY

Knox County Republicans received this postcard today. It is a direct mail piece promoting the Republican ticket on the August 7, 2008 ballot. The piece performs it job well, in promoting the countywide Republican candidates. However, the interesting part of the card is that it says that it is paid for by the TN Republican Party and uses their Permit number in Nashville.

Brian's Blog realizing that certain main stream media would ask. Why is the TN Republican Party paying for a direct mail piece for one of ninety five Tennessee counties? We decided to beat them to the puch. So, we contacted the Knox County Republican Party Chair Irene McCrary and the Knox County 1st Vice Chair Corey Johns about the financial disclosure. McCrary said "They (Tennessee Republican Party) didn't pay for it." The Knox County 1st Vice Chair Corey Johns in acting as the Chairman of the "Unified Campaign". In response to the financial disclosure question told us "It's all good." He said that the financial disclosure is not misleading in that "The KCRP is a local subdivision of the TRP." Johns is chairing the Republican ticket campaign and Nick McBride is the ticket campaign treasurer. McBride served in this role while Brian Hornback was Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party and the Republican ticket campaign in 2006. McBride is very capable and able to keep the books straight.

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