Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knox County School Uniforms. Who and How Are They Enforced

The Knox County School System is re-constituting the high schools of Fulton and Austin East. There have been media reports of Fulton requiring school uniforms. Freshman must wear Maroon shirts. Students in the Communication school must wear black shirts. Students in the Human Services school must wear Gray shirts. Students in the Health Services must wear White shirts. The shirts must be tucked in the pants and no shorts are permitted.

Check out the latest mainstream media story on this issue, here. Austin East will require a strict dress code for this school year as part of their re-constitution.

Here are few questions.

1) For those students enrolled in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program. They are eligible for the school district to provide their uniform, just as their field trip fees are waived. Where are these funds in the school district budget?

2) When a student comes into school without the appropriate attire. What will the Fulton administrators do?

3) What discipline will be imposed on students not wearing our adhering to the uniforms?

4) Let's say that a Freshman knows that he/she will be in the School of Communication, so they start wearing Black. What happens when a Freshmen shows up with the color of his/her school choice?


Amelia said...

How is the school supposed to get away from clique issues when the school is forcing them into groups? Have them all wear the same uniforms or no uniform at all.

Brian Hornback said...

Great question, Amelia. There is no way to eliminate the clique issues. One color will become the dominate color.

Doug McCaughan said...

These are great questions. I have one of my conspiracy minded answers. If I were the school board I would answer: "It doesn't matter. These school uniforms are a red herring to draw people away from the next round of rezonings."

Brian Hornback said...

I buy that and believe that you sir have exposed the "real" motive.