Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Foster Arnett, Knox County Clerk Candidate

Yesterday at the County Commission meeting Don Bosch was up representing his client, Randy Greaves of Knox Ag. County Commissioner Scott Moore asked Bosch about his televised comments concerning the issue of Moore's endorsement of Amy Henley Vandergriff. Commissioner Moore said "I am a Republican. I support Republicans. I endorse Foster Arnett. If you have questions about my position, you need to call me." Bosch said "if I got it wrong, I apologize."

Foster is a longtime government bureaucrat (having worked as the press spokesman for KPD during the Victor Ashe administration and previous city administrations). His wife is an employee of Knox County. He recently had a problem with paying his taxes, but he did the right thing and paid them.

I too am a Republican. On Sunday, you read here a response by one of of the Brian's Blog team members responding to the false information that Don Bosch put out about me personally in regards to the race for County Clerk. Everyone knows that I support Republican candidates. I join with Commissioner Scott Moore in publicly endorsing Foster, the Republican nominee.

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