Thursday, July 10, 2008

The People Who Know Foster Arnett Say No Thank You!!

UPDATE: Brad Anders the sixth district candidate for County Commission has been endorsed by the FOP. He is a KPD officer and a member of the FOP. A majority of the FOP believe him to be the qualified choice for County Commission.

UPDATE: July 9, 2008 8:03 p.m. An additional source has confirmed most of our original post. However, there is a correction. They did NOT endorse Scott Emge for Register of Deeds. The only two countywide positions that they endorsed were Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones and Andrew Graybeal for Property Assessor. Robert Bratton, candidate for Trustee received more votes that Fred Sisk. Sherry Witt, candidate for Register of Deeds received more votes that Scott Emge. Amy Henly Vandergriff, candidate for County Clerk received more votes than former FOP member Foster Arnett. Additionally we have been informed that Chuck Bolus has received the FOP endorsement for the Second County Commission district seat.

Original Post 7/7/08 7:20 P.M. Charlie one of our commentators beat us to the punch in a comment on an earlier post. A source over the weekend informed us that the local FOP has voted on their endorsements for the August 7, 2008 election.

Our source indicates that Foster Arnett, Jr. a candidate for County Clerk and a former member of the local FOP did not gain enough votes to be endorsed. It appears that Amy Henley Vandergriff the other County Clerk candidate came closer to the endorsement than the former KPD mouthpiece did.

Our source indicates that the selection between Trustee candidates Fred Sisk and Robert Bratton were too close to gain an endorsement for either one of them. The endorsement for Property Assessor between Republican Phil Ballard and Democrat Andrew Graybeal, appears to have been given to Graybeal. The endorsement for Register of Deeds between Republican Sherry Witt and Democrat Scott Emge, appears to have been given to Emge. Our source also indicates that Republican Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones gained the endorsement over perennial candidate Randy Tyree.

Our source could not recall all the County Commission endorsements. We will post those as soon as we have them.

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