Thursday, July 03, 2008

Political Knoxville

Over in the links section is Political Knoxville. On Tuesday July 1, 2008 a monthly feature entitled 3 Sides debuted. Check out 3 sides here. It features Ray Abbas as the progressive view, Brian Paone as the independent view and me as the conservative view.

While you are over there, vote on the three current straw polls. One is on the Fifth District County Commission race between interim commission appointee Richard Briggs -vs- successful businessman Don Sproles. Also, the race between Republican Brad Anders -vs- left leaning Democrat Kathy Bryant and finally the race between Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones -vs- perennial political candidate Randy Tyree.

Congratulations to the winners of the last straw polls. Commission candidate Finbarr Saunders and Steve Drevik and Clerk candidate Foster Arnett.

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Charlie said...

Since you mention this poll, how about mentioning the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement election? A candidate had to attain 60% of the vote to be endorsed and receive contributions from the FOP. Amy Henley Vandergriff (please note, not hyphen) did not reach the 60%; BUT she defeated Arnett JR in the vote. That's right. She won the FOP vote over Arnett JR. And he was a former FOP member.