Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chip Saltsman for RNC Chairman

Here at Brian's Blog our focus occasionally is on the internal workings of the Republican Party. The KnoxGOP is an organization that within the past one and a half years has suffered from it's own dysfunction. It can only be corrected when the party reconvenes in March and selects a true leader. The TNGOP is being well run by Chair Robin Smith. However, the Republican National Committee needs a new vision, a new passion, a new focus. With an Obama/Biden leadership team taking over the executive branch and with our 41 Senators in the U.S, Senate that is not enough.

The best chance the National Republican Party has is to select native Tennessean Chip Saltsman as the next RNC Chairman. The next opportunity to take the U.S. House and Senate in 2010. Chip directed the Mike Huckabee campaign for President. Granted Huckabee came in second behind John McCain but the McCainsters do not have anyone that can step in and lead. They are all still arguing about the loss to Obama and the handling of Palin.

So, let the RNC members know that Chip Saltsman is our best effort at correcting the ship. If not, we will all be standing on the Titanic moving the chairs talking about being uniters and not dividers, they same ones talking a good game about being Compassionate Conservatives. But in reality they give away our tax money like drunken, drug users in an adult strip bar.

There is ONLY ONE Consistent Conservative and he can not clone himself 434 times.

As for me, without real leadership being put in place, I will consider jumping from the ship in March 2009 and swimming for the nearest island.

Here is the page to select your state and determine who your RNC members are. In Tennessee Mr. John Ryder and Mrs. Peggy Lambert are our RNC Committee members. Contact the TN party office by phone: (615) 269-4260 or fax: (615) 269-4260 or website and ask for the contact information for Ryder and Lambert.

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