Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn

I just finished the next Vince Flynn book in the series. As I have posted here before, I am reading the books in the order of their release. This book is the largest book, however, the emotions of the story of Mitch Rapp takes many different turns.

The political power struggle continued in Washington with the politicians all trying to protect their own selfish ambitions. In this book, Mitch Rapp becomes the focus of radical extremists that have placed a bounty on his head. As of this point, this is my favorite.

Let’s review all the other books Term Limits, Transfer of Power, The Third Option, Separation of Power, Executive Power, Memorial Day and now this one Consent to Kill. Next up is Act of Treason. However, I am going to take a brief break and read the two books that I received for Christmas 2008. First up will be Former Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee’s Do the Right Thing and then Ted Turner’s book Call Me Ted.

Check out Vince Flynn’s website, here

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