Sunday, December 21, 2008

Seventh District County Commission Candidates

O.k. if Seventh District Commissioner Smith gets his way with his cronies on Commission. They will be appointing someone to fill Commissioner Scott Moore's seat until the appeal of his ouster is successful.

First, we have James McMillian a formerly unsuccessful candidate to Smith so he is not likely to gain enough support to win the nomination. Then we have Michelle Carringer an employee of General Sessions Court Clerk Cathy Quist and the daughter of the Knox GOP Chair Irene McCrary. Certainly a violation of cronyism. Then there is Chuck Severance, son of former Mike Ragsdale and Tommy Schumpert employee Phyllis Severance and member of the Knox County Greens Committee (aka free golf). This would be another violation of cronyism.

That leaves Lillian Williams, successful Powell businesswoman and now enter Steve Ross. Here is some information on Mr. Ross.

Mr. Ross and his family have lived in District 7 since moving to Tennessee in 2001. He has witnessed the Knox County Government since being here and he believes that there have been both good and bad decisions.

He recognizes that "times are changing and it seems now more than ever, people are out for themselves other than putting others first. This trend of self service appears to flow from every professional level of public life. Someone needs to stand against this current and change the flow of this impending flood of selfishness. Government officials are to serve as a voice for the people and not to achieve personal gain."

During his adult life, he has worked in both the private and public sector including the food industry, construction, landscaping, law enforcement and medical fields. He has been a successful local business owner. He has served in the military of which he was honorably discharged. He has worked digging ditches and protected personnel occupying the highest levels of government and other leaders. He currently manages a successful outpatient medical center. Along with his professional position, he also serves the community as a Deacon in a local church, and believes honesty and integrity are required for leadership at all levels of public life. He believes that based on his work history, his service to the community and desire to serve that he would be the best choice to serve District 7.

He advised the Knox County Commission several weeks ago of his desire to be selected as Commissioner for District 7. He has no family members in the Knox County Government. For that matter he has no family or close friends in any level of city, county or state government. It is his desire to serve everyone in the district not just a select few. He believes that someone needs to stand against the current, if selected, he will.

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