Monday, December 15, 2008

The County Commission to Replace Moore

The Knox County Commission in a grab of power will select a replacement for Commissioner Scott Moore in January 2009. Although Moore has filed an appeal of the ouster decision.

Commissioner R. Larry Smith stated "this is about serving the public." Too bad, R. Larry doesn't understand that concept as he has used his position as Commissioner as a self serving power grab to assist his struggling insurance business. Once telling Commissioner Paul Pinkston during a commission meeting that he would be selling Pinkston insurance.

Sources indicate that perjury violator R. Larry Smith has informed a few individuals that he will be voting for Chuck Severance. A vote for Chuck Severance will be a vote for cronyism. Severance's mother worked for Knox County Mayors Tom Schumpert and Mike Ragsdale. A vote for Michelle Carringer also will be a vote for cronyism , as Michele's mother is Knox County Republican Party Chair Irene McCrary.

That leaves former Smith opponent James McMillian or successful Powell businesswoman Lillian Williams. It seems that Smith has made public statements in the past that he does his homework and cast informed votes. It seems on this one, R. Larry is all about cronyism.

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