Thursday, December 04, 2008

I am Disappointed

With this KNS story, I am disappointed in my friend Randy Nichols. At a minimum there was a violation of running a stop sign. When Mr. Nichols own wife was pulled over years ago. She had to serve 48 hours for a DUI stop.

This is unfortunate. We all make mistakes. When we do, we should pay the penalty for the mistake and move on.

I don't fault the officer for the decision he made to turn off his mike or for letting her drive around the corner, he made a rational decision while in a good mind. Part of me wishes that she would have either been driven home (which people would have criticized) or been made to have someone get out of bed and come pick her up and drive her home.

At the end of the day, Ms. District Attorney General employee has live with the stigma of having been publicly exposed. I just hope and pray for she and her family that in the future she will just say NO.

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Anonymous said...

I have been disappointed in Randy Nichols especially with His looking the other way with the Mayor, but in this incident, after seeing the police video, unless I missed something you are seeing, I tend to think he handled it in the right way.

I am a lot older than this lady, but if I had to pass that test wearing high heels and all those blue lights flashing around me, I would do a lot worse than she did and I don't drink at all.