Monday, December 15, 2008

Knox County School Board Ignores Public During A Public Meeting

After a three hour School Board workshop the Knox County School Board had a public forum on it's agenda. Two ladies addressed the school board during public forum. The board even extended an additional minute or two for the speakers to finish their remarks. As a third lady walked to the podium, a motion was quickly and hastily made to adjourn. The lady shocked that she was ignored and said this is a public forum and I have sat here for three hours.

The School Board Chair, Indya Kincannon said well, you didn't sign up and I don't know what you are going to speak about. What a minute. The School Board Chair MUST first screen the content of public comments to be addressed on public forum? You have got to be kidding me.

In a show of police force, Knox County School Security Chief approached the lady saying that she must sit down as she must sign up prior to the meeting. The lady said that she didn't know that and would like to speak. The Board Chair said I will speak with you individually. So, does that mean that the Board Chair will then violate the sunshine law in informing each board member what the lady said?

As the camera continued to roll, arrangements were made for a picture to be taken in front of the Christmas tree. Christmas gifts were given to the school board secretary from the school board and everyone was going around wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

Everyone likely will have a Merry Christmas except for that one lady that did not get her first amendment to free speech at a public forum and was instead exposed to the strong arm of police tactics from a law enforcement imitator.

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Amelia said...

That's terrible.