Sunday, December 07, 2008

Knox County Council PTA Has NO Effectiveness

On Wednesday many of our sources called to tell us that they had received emails and phone calls from their PTA's and from the Knox County Council PTA begging them to attend the Knox County School Board Meeting for Dr. McIntyre's 100 day report and vision for Knox County Schools. Their intent was to have a packed room in an effort to demonstrate that Knox County has passion for education. Their efforts didn't work, as the room was as empty as it normally is.

Dr. McIntyre, Most of us in Knox County do have a passion for education. We are not into dog and pony shows that contain empty words. We are not into supporting and wasting our time with a parent volunteer organization that does not properly reflect the views of the parents. An organization that enables one person to serve multiple years on the Great School Partnership Board without her holding the position that she is supposed to hold. An organization that in past years has not recorded it's income in and income out accurately because of their fear of showing that they had "too much" money.

So, Dr. McIntyre Say what you will do, Do what you say. Produce Results and not Rhetoric and Knox County will support you.

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Busy Parent said...

You are right Brian; we do care and have a passion for education but the very people who care the most are the ones with children and jobs and yes - way too busy to waste our time at a dog and pony show.