Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seventh District Commissioner Smith Campaigns At School Event

Last night the Halls Middle School chorus had their Christmas concert. Seventh District Commissioner Smith made a presentation where he gave his commission paycheck to the school. During his campaign in 2006 he pledged to give his commission salary minus taxes and expenses to schools and non-profits and each year it seems that he has given it to them. But, this is the first year that he has made a formal presentation during this school program.

So what has changed? Oh wait, he is still thinking about running for county mayor isn't he? That would explain his sudden public display of philanthropy, now wouldn't it?

Also, how prepared was Smith on the issue of the liquor by the drink fiasco. So, who didn't do their homework? Did the Commissioner not even look up state laws about this? Does this make him look bad? NO. It just makes him look like the ribbon cutting, camera hogging county commissioner (Mayoral hopeful) that he is.

Smith has cited and brags about his scouting involvement. He is an Eagle Scout as I am as well. But on the liquor by the drink issue Smith has violated the scout motto, Be Prepared.

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