Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hallerin Hilton Hill of Citadel Broadcasting Has Bias

This morning Hallerin Hilton Hill had Dr. James McIntyre on the show taking phone calls about Dr. McIntyre's 100 day assessment and vision for the future of Knox County Schools. I called in to ask a question. I told Chris Marion, the call screen er that I wanted to ask Dr. McIntyre to talk about the difference in private and public education in Knox County. Mr. Marion placed me on hold and they NEVER got to me. I was on hold for over 30 minutes.

Hallerin announced that he is producing a special broadcast for WBIR to air next Tuesday about this issue. Hallerin has a bias and did not allow my call on the air because he recognized his own hypocrisy. He talks the talk about doing what's right for public education but he has his own child in a private school. He and his daughter have even been featured on radio commercials promoting the family's private school.

When citizens of Tennessee send their child to a private school they are with holding tax dollars from the public school system. The private school does not receive those per student tax dollars. So, those tax dollars are diverted away from public education and spent on the penal system (penitentiary) welfare and other state run entities. So, those individuals having their children in private schools are enabling jails, welfare and other state interests.

And we wonder why the State of Tennessee is near dead last.


Anonymous said...

The Shill show is rigged. There is a list of people they will not let on the air. Hallerin thinks it is funny to have people hold for thirty minutes then he puts them on for 15 seconds only to say please call back we are out of time.

Wait until his boss Mike Hammond runs for Mayor. If you think the show is bad now you haven't heard the worst.

Laurie said...

Hallerin has a show? I thought it was Hallerin doing a commercial - running a commercial - Hallerin doing another commercial - Hallerin repeating himself over and over - Hallerin asking a guest a question while answering it at the same time - Hallerin running a commercial - Hallerin doing a commercial. I only had to listen to it one time to get all that out of it. You mean Dr McIntyre was able to give his goal for Knox County Schools during that "show"?