Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bowman Joins Election Commission

This afternoon the 8 legislative members that represent portions of Knox County met and selected lawyer Robert Bowman to join Chris Haegerty and Paul Crilly as the first Republican Majority Election Commission.

On Monday, I offered my name for the legislators to consider. Reports are that Bowman went to Nashville several weeks ago with former Representative H.E. Bittle and solicited their support. Congratulations to Robert Bowman.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,
Sorry you didn't get the appointment. I would say that Campfield wasn't too keen on you after seeing the way he responded to your blog. I don't know much about this Bowman guy, or his association with Bittle, but I do know that "Lumpy" Lambert accompanied his 'pick' down to Nashville and they didn't go with him. I would put HE and Lumpy in about the same category when it comes to clout with legislators. (slim to none.) I hope this guy does a good job. and I hope to goodness he doesn't succumb to Campfields threats/pressures of voting for Steve Hall. That's all we don't need. More Campfield influence. Turns my stomach just thinking about it. Best of luck to you. Will you consider running for McKay's position?

Brian Hornback said...

Thanks for your kind words. I offered my slef but said if someone else is better for it. Name them. And they did.

As for Campfield, he knows what he was doing, the delegation knows (that's why he didn't get a second on his motion) and now thanks to my whistleblowing it, everybody knows.

Anonymous said...

I really think it is a shame that we have these RINOs that keep putting democrats in and so many Republicans just stand by and let them do it. IT just Stinks on their part. I hope H.E. knows that we "real" Republicans are thuroughly disgusted with him.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee you Bowman will vote republican. Mark my words. But if the republicans don't stick together on their nomination, McKay could still sneak in with only 2 votes.