Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jack Huddleston - Knox County Election Commission Member?

Rumors were flying this morning as the Knox County Republican Party gathered at Central High School for it's re-organization. The BIGGEST rumor is that former "Black Wednesday County Commissioner Appointee" Jack Huddleston of the Eighth District has his friends trying to line up the votes to have him appointed as the third Republican on the Knox County Election Commission.

He is close friends with Steve Hunley, a new Secretary to the Knox County Republican Party. Huddleston is also a close friend and supporter of Property Assessor Phil Ballard. State Senator Jamie Woodson will be one of the members of the Knox County legislative delegation that will select the next Republican that will sit on the Knox County Election Commission. In addition, it was pointed out to me this morning that Senator Woodson's step daughter is an employee of Property Assessor Phil Ballard's.

I sincerely hope and believe that Senator Woodson would not resort to such smoke filled, back room, deal making antics.

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