Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clash of the (Tennessee) Titans!

UPDATE: With help from Larry Van Guilder, it appears that we can now name the Republican Primary Election for Governor in 2010, The "Thrilla Over Nashvilla".

Well, a few days ago, the Knoxville Mayor announced that Tom Ingram (Lamar! Alexander's Chief of Staff) was leaving to run the Haslam for Governor team. A few us stood around and said "oh, what to do?"

So, in one corner stood the old TN Titan guard. Today, in an announcement unlike something that could only compare to a build up unlike anything seen since the "Thrilla in Manilla" Third District Congressman announced Bob Davis (the right hand to former Tennessee Senator and Law and Order Star Fred Dalton Thompson) will head the Wamp for Governor campaign. Davis represents the NEW TN Titan Guard.

It is interesting that the man that looks like a Southern baptist preacher would be announced as Zach Wamp's guy on the day that I purchase John Rich's solo CD Son of a Preacher Man which was released yesterday. Rich performed at the McCain Town Hall event in Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium last summer. Wamp was present. Thompson was present. Alexander, Haslam and Ingram were NO shows on that day of Republican unity.

So, we have the the hungry, energetic Davis - vs- the stale, old school Ingram.

Buckle your seat belts children we are on schedule for one hell of a roller coaster ride and a fight that hasn't been witnessed in these parts for at least the last 35 years.

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Anonymous said...

Word is when the going gets tough Bill will focus on being the next County Mayor. There may not be enough money in the world for Bill to be sitting at the big desk in Nashville. Better to rule in Haslamville than lose the big race with daddy watching.

So how will fair Bill fare against Mr. Tim? Not Timmah, the man of roadkill fame, but Mr. Tim the former Sheriff. Question is are there more urban sissies than county rednecks? Locals don't like the Bloomberg anti-gun support. Might sell downtown but it don't sell in Powell.