Sunday, March 29, 2009

County School Cuts Only Affect Classroom

The Knox County School Board is set to cut 50 or so teaching positions and only 2 or 3 administrators. One of those administrator positions is the retirement of Assistant Superintendent Roy Mullins. So, when school boarders (Indya Kincannon, Karen Karson, Dan Murphy, Sammie Anderson, Cindy Buttry, Thomas Deakins, Rex Stooksbury, Bill Phillips and Robert Bratton) talk about making cuts away from the classroom. It's all talk, no walk.

In addition to ensuring that all the personnel cuts are classroom instructors. They also make half the high schools go on separate time schedule, from 9:30 - 4:30 instead of the other high schools from at 8:30 - 3:30. While they will say this is the Superintendents recommendation. The Superintendent has listened to their feedback before making a recommendation. They will vote on the budget and the decision will be theirs and theirs alone.

Why doesn't the Sentinel editorialize or get the facts out about the cuts that directly impact students and families. Primarily because Editor Jack McElroy in addition to spinning for the City of Knoxville. Also spins for the Schools. It is just like how the Knoxville Mayor's family flew Brian Bingelli, Superintendent finalist into and out of Knoxville for his interview. It is amazing what happens when the City Mayor's family owns a private jet to jet set anybody/everybody in and out of Knoxville. All the while the company is paying thousands of dollars in fines for "gas gouging" those of us in automobiles.

If the business unit that buys 50,000 newspapers every Friday likes somebody then Editor McElroy doesn't reveal the truth about that entity.

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