Friday, March 20, 2009

If You're Anonymous Comment Is NOT Published

Here at Brian's Blog we happily publish comments. We especially like comments where individuals identify themselves. This Blog began in 2004 with the name of our Founder Brian Hornback. It was wide open for any/all comments and a few bad apples caused us to completely shut down any/all comments. After about a one year ban of any/all comments. We opened up comments through comment moderation. It means you submit them and we publish them. Just like sending a letter to the editor. There are many letters to the editor that are NEVER published in daily newspapers.

From the day that we opened Comment Moderation, we established rules for engagement that are published on the main page of Brian's Blog. If you submit a comment and it is not published and you desire an explanation, you can simply send an email here and request an explanation. In order for you to receive an explanation you must supply your name, address and telephone number in your email.

Thank you for reading Brian's Blog. Thank you for commenting within a reasonable range of professionalism.

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