Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lumpy's Actions Do NOT Rise To A Censure Level

Yes, we blogged about the latest Lumpy actions. We were disappointed in his actions. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog has had a conversation with Lumpy about his personal thoughts about the continued Lumpy theatric displays.

However, does his action rise to a censure level? NO. Did the Chairman immediately rebuke, reprimand Lumpy at the time of the incident? YES. In the Chairman's rebuke, reprimand was it public and into the microphone for all the public to see and hear? YES. Any possible violation was cured at the time.

For Commissioner Richard Briggs to now attempt a public spectacle is perplexing. Briggs has a conflict of interest in the fact that he is the heart surgeon for Commissioner Lambert's mother.

Our sources indicate that Briggs is being used as a tool by those individuals that have ties back to former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe. We stated here and we will restate again that Briggs is Victor's guy!


Political Leverage said...

Way off Brian. This is not the NBA! We cannot have Ron Artest wannabe's running into the crowd to pick and choose fights!

Lumpy carries a gun what if someone steps up to Lumpy physically and that gun goes off?

If Lump would have said 'hey my mistake...' that is one thing but he goes on and on how he is right for getting in someone's face!

This is not the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dan Andrews

Steve Mule said...

Uh, actually, IMHO Commissioner Lampert's actions do rise to the level of Censure. His actions were very clearly inappropriate.