Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twenty One Years Ago, Today

In September of 1986 I met a remarkable young lady and she was what the Zac Brown Band refers to in their song, “Whatever it is”. Fast forward to this day in 1988, twenty one years ago, we exchanged marriage vows in a church ceremony with standing room attendance. We had 10 attendants in our ceremony and at least 10 children participating as well.

It has been an incredible journey for me. God supplied me with a lady that has NO desire to seek the public’s attention or public stage. But in 1990, 2000 and 2004, she allowed me to seek my passion and my desire by allowing me to offer myself for public service to our communities citizens. She paid a price that most spouses NEVER have to pay for their other half being in public service.

In 2004, I told her about an online communication tool that a friend told me about called blogger. She said good, for the record she does not read Brian’s Blog. When my Senior Pastor Dr. Doug Sager says something in church when his wife is not in the sanctuary, he says “if I want her to know that, I will tell her.” So, I am using my Pastor’s words here, “If I want her to know this is on here, I will tell her.” Although, I am sure some of her co-workers will not adhere to my admonition on this post. That’s o.k. I know who you are.

But, in 2005, she allowed me to spend two years serving my Knox County Republican Party and my friends as their Chairman. She now allows me the ability to help my “friends” that run for public office. But the bottom line, in 21 years she has been a great help mate when I haven’t made the road easy. She has been a remarkable mother to our three great and wonderful kids. My life has been Blessed for having the Wife that God intended and for that I can say “Life is (and has been) Good”

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