Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Severance -v- Kulhman - Lessons Learned in Severance Win

The race for the First Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party pitted an old school -v- new school Republican. The results show that old school wins every day.

Phyllis Severance is the NEW First Vice Chair and is the old school Republican. She and her husband, Former State Representative Charlie Severance were the first people at Central High School. Phyllis was at the door and greeted each and every person and asked for their votes.

Ruthie Kulhman was the new school Republican that lost the race. She arrived sometime after many of the delegates had already arrived. She was NOT seen asking for votes. As a matter of fact, a conversation was overheard where a couple of delegates told Kulhman they intended to vote for her, even though she had not contacted them. She challenged one of them, "you have never supported me" the response back was, "Ruthie don't ever take a person or a vote for granted. Just because someone can not support you for one race does not mean they can not support you for another race." She then thanked them.

This reminds me of the Tip O'Neil book "All politics is local" He had just been reelected and was talking to his neighbor that he shared a back fence with. Tip said. "Thanks for voting for me." To which the neighbor said, "I didn't vote for you, because you never asked for my vote." What a lesson.

So, the old school Republican won by being early, persistent and consistent. Just like Benjamin Franklin said "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise "

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