Monday, March 02, 2009

Property Assessor Good, Property Assessor ?

Property Assessor Phil Ballard has taken all take home cars away from his employees, good PR move on his part. However, on February 10, 2009 he sent a letter to commercial property owners/tenants. Here is what the letter said.

A reappraisal of all property is now being conducted in your community to establish current and equitable values for appraisal purposes.

As an owner or manager of commercial property you are aware that economic factors as well as physical aspects of the property have an effect upon its value. In order that our appraisers may establish a fair and just appraisal of your property, we would appreciate you supplying the economic information which pertains to your property in the appropriate spaces on this income statement form.

If this request should prove to be too time consuming the county will accept a copy of the previous years federal income tax forms pertaining to income and expense.

You may be assured the information you supply will not be filed with the property records and will be disposed of after review by the county appraisers. If you should have any questions concerning the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact this office at (865) 215-3366 and ask for Jim Beck.


1. Management
2. Accounting & Legal
3. Salaries\Payroll
4. Parking Lot Maintenance
5. Fire Insurance
6. Real Estate Taxes
7. Utilities
8. Roof Repair
9. Exterior Maintenance
10. Interior Maintenance
11. Floor Covering
12. General Maintenance & Repair
13. Rubbish Removal
14. Other Expenses (specify)

It ask that Owner/Tenant be split and the dollar amount per line item.

Total Annual Expense $__________

The form then ask for the Gross Income $______________

Return Address:
Knox County Property Assessor
Room 204, City/County Building
400 Main Street
Knoxville, TN 37902

There seems to be a lot of legal questions about this letter and several commercial property owners are inquiring of their Attorney's of record. The BIG question is if you supply them with your federal income tax forms then you are turning over information that is personally protected by FERPA and what assurances do you have that your information will NOT be breached. How and what action will Knox County and in particular Phil Ballard do to restore you in the event that your information is comprised.

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