Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Does Campfield Have a Litmus Test?

On Monday, after encouragement from many friends and family members I have formally thrown my name in the hat for Knox County Election Commissioner. Monday and Tuesday I spoke with each of the seven members of the Knox County legislative delegation about my interest. On Tuesday, I sent a letter formally announcing my interest.

The last legislator that I talked with was Rep. Stacey Campfield. He made it clear that he wants Steve Hall, current City Councilman as the next Election Administrator. I have informed every member of the delegation that I do NOT have a specific person in mind but that I will support a Republican for Administrator. They have all been receptive.

Keep in mind that while Campfield and the legislature are not bound by the Sunshine Law. The Election Commission is. While I may or may not be on the Knox County Election Commission, I consider it unethical and improper to commit to any person for Administrator.

I simply recognized Campfield's litmus test, ignored it and did not respond to him with a yes or no. I simply repeated my position, I will support a Republican.

If I am an Election Commissioner, I will work hard, I will be fair, I will be professional and I will be Republican. If I am not an Election Commissioner, I will simply live my life and all will be good. I simply feel like the legislative delegation needed a few more choices in helping to raise the tide so that all ships will rise.

As a school board member, I followed the Sunshine law. I blew the whistle to the News Sentinel (disclosed) the post meeting dinners that were happening and how those dinners were shades of gray regarding the Sunshine law. If given the opportunity to serve, I will honor that law while on the Election Commission,


Anonymous said...


I made quite clear I hope for an open process. A process I said I hoped you could be a part of in Knoxville. I said I thought it would be your best hope to get a fair consederation. I wanted you to be able to present your qualifications to everyone in open in Knoxville.

While I do support Steve Hall, I NEVER asked you for his support, I NEVER asked you if you would support him, I NEVER said you had to vote for him, I NEVER said that your support was manditory to be considered by me or anyone for the position.

To infer otherwise is false.

The Rep.

Brian Hornback said...

Rep. Campfield is the ONLY legislator out of the entire delegation to mention a specfic person's name for Administrator. The other 6 legislator's did NOT mention their choice of Administrator.

If it walks like a litmus, talks like a litmus then surely it is a litmus.

Anonymous said...

can you explain the litmus thing to me? I hear it all the time, but i just don't get it.

and for the record campfield is a lying babbling tool with an obvious agenda who hasn't passed a single bill in his entire legislative tenure. 6 years of nothingness.

i don't know much about councilman hall, but just the fact that campfield supports him would make me question his character-birds of a feather sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

How is Hall qualified and how does it benefit Campfield?