Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bean Expelled Gaseous Rhetoric

E.W. Scripps writer Betty Bean used her column this week to expel a bunch of gaseous rhetoric. Anyone that has read her columns, knows of her far left liberal leaning. Well, this week she focuses on Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray Jenkins. (let the record to reflect that I have been critical of Jenkins ineffectiveness as Chair, but on this one Jenkins is doing his job)

Jenkins sent an email to the Republican faithful about last Saturday's breakfast at Wright's Cafeteria for Mayoral candidate Ivan Harmon. So, the gaseous one writes that the GOP are meddling in the non partisan Mayor's race. First, Ivan Harmon is a REPUBLICAN. He served on Knoxville City School Board, Knoxville City Council, the TN REPUBLICAN State Executive Committee District 7 (while he was a City Councilman) and then he served as a REPUBLICAN as a Knox County Commissioner. So, obviously he is a REPUBLICAN.

Now, the other candidates. Madeline Rogero (the favorite of the gaseous rhetoric Scripps writer) served as a democrat Knox County Commissioner from 1990-1998. Mark Padgett, is the son and grandson of former Democrat elected officials. Padgett has served as a Campaign Manager for former Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen and worked for the Governor's administration before beginning his own company. Joe Hultquist, is a former City Council Member, that has enjoyed Democrat and Republican support. He really can't be put in a Democrat or Republican box. As far as other Mayoral candidate Bo Bennett, I do not know of any partisan activity that he has been involved in.

Now, while the weekly Scripps publication has all this gaseous rhetoric against a simple email asking folks to come to Wright's Cafeteria and enjoy a sausage biscuit, ham biscuit or just a biscuit, compliments of businessman David Wright and Bobby Waggoner in support of Ivan Harmon. How different is that from
this email by the democrat Chair that was posted on the local left leaning liberal blog. The major difference I see is that at the Truman Day Dinner in August, the email states "but we do know that you will get a chance to hear from our State Party Chairman, Chip Forrester, 2 great Mayoral candidates, and some excellent live music."  Who are the 2 great Mayoral candidates?  Ivan Harmon and Joe Hultquist?  Ivan Harmon and Bo Bennett? Ivan Harmon and Madeline Rogero ? Ivan Harmon and Mark Padgett ?  Which other candidate will be joining Ivan at the Truman Day Dinner? I guess we all have to buy a ticket and go see.


Anonymous said...

That link you posted lists Mary Wilson as Vice-Chair of the 1st District Democrat Party. Are you aware that Mary Wilson has banned any Republican or non-Democrat from speaking to the 1st District Democrat Party? Will Betty Bean report that? Call Gloria Johnson if you want to vet this. Mary the Prez is a joke.

Brian Hornback said...

I believe you, I am not sure Gloria Johnson would take my call. However, I will likely see her at the candidate debates at the Expo Center tomorrow night, I can talk to her then.