Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ron Peabody Will Receive a Few Ruthie Friends but ALL her others

Any credibility that Ron Peabody might have had all ended when he appointed his Treasurers. He appointed Rick and Ruthie Kulhman. Rick Kulhman was rumored early on to be a candidate to challenge Finbarr Saunders. You remember Saunders beat Ruthie in 2008 for County Commission Fourth District. Evidently, Rick was going to redeem his wife's honor. However, he decided not to challenge Finbarr. But now it appears the anti-Finbarr regime will tie their hopes, dreams and wishes to Peabody. One thing Ruthie hasn't learned yet, while she may help with a few friends. Everyone that does not like the loud, abrasive tactics of Ruthie will not even consider Peabody. So, if I were a betting man (which I ain't)I would say that Finbarr will be alright. After all, he had a bunch white and blue stickers that say "Republicans for Finbarr" and in city elections politics ain't an issue.


Anonymous said...

Who is writing this blog? Brian, the guys name is Russell not Rick. And why you would support a flaming liberal whackjob like Finbarr Saunders is unbelievable.

Are you a Republican or a RINO? Need you be reminded about the 11th Commandment?

Get it together. Finbarr Saunders ain't one of us.

Anonymous said...

Really, really dumb Brian. You sound like Paone.

Brian Hornback said...

First of all as long as you are a spineless coward posting as anonymous, I don't know that you are a Republican or not. However, I am not a Kool-aid drinking Constitutional Conservative, I don't just vote cause the establishment GOP says it's so.

So, either man up or woman up and reveal your identity and I will engage in further debate.

Brian Paone said...

Hey Hornback.

Your anonytard in question is Mike Mitchell. It's all related to this from Donila's blog:

Sorry about that. I guess he figured attacking ANY Brian would work. I worry about him.

Anyway, find some time to holler at me this weekend if you want to hear about the next charter amendment proposal. I think you'll like it.

- Brian Paone

PS: Ever wonder if Mikey's just a pro strawman? I hear that's a growing field nowadays. The premise is to act like a complete idiot in favor of a certain topic or candidate in order to drive said topic/candidate's supporters to the opposing view/candidate.

Who knows? Maybe Mitchell's working for Finbarr or another candidate? Certainly isn't doing Peabody any favors, I'd imagine. But that's just my opinion. Yours may vary. (Remind me to copyright that phrase - Pammy "Mencia" Strickland's got a very similar phrase she's trotting around while badmouthing her current employer. At least some of us terminate our contracts before doing that. Sad. But anyway.)

Brian Hornback said...

Paone: I haven't always agreed with you or Mitchell. But at least you and I don't hide behind anonymous posting or catchy little number digits. I really hadn't considered Mitchell as a suspect until I read the 18 comments on Donila's blog.

Yeah, let's get together soon, I haven't talked to you in forever.

Brian Paone said...

You can trace IP addresses through Blogger, can't you? I've never dealt with these kinds of sites; usually just standalones.

I'll email you. Congrats to your parents as well. I hear the challenge is consistency.

Brian Hornback said...

Thanks! I have SiteMeter and yes I can trace IP addresses, it just means an extra 45 seconds out of a very busy life, LOL