Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chairman Hammond Admits To Deliberating Outside the Sunshine

In this story posted on Knoxnews today. It details that a Knox County employee is on administrative leave pending a possible threatening email to County Commissioner Amy Broyles. Certainly it doesn't appear that anything that has occurred except his being placed on leave. That makes sense to place him on leave pending a fact finding, due process of the employee's right to free speech -vs- threats. It is revealed in the article that a committee of three will determine the employees status reportedly after an investigation. That committee is made up of Commission Chairman Hammond, HR Supervisor Frances Fogerson and Sheriff's Department Merit Board Chair Tom Pierce.

Evidently, they have already made a determination in the employees status, Hammond is quoted in the article as saying  “We have begun the termination process,” Hammond said. “We need to take a look at what action we can take. I believe we need to take further action. I’m consulting with the law director.” When did Hammond, Fogerson and Pierce meet ,  deliberate and determine to begin the termination process?

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