Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Local Liberals Are As Smart As A NY Congressman Using Social Media

How funny to see this post over on the local liberal blog. While their comments on Rep. Weiner have remained zipped up unlike their NY Congressman pants. They brag about how Commissioner Amy Broyles wants to send more money on her pet projects and how she wants to pay for it by not paying our debt off. I wonder if Broyles and her husband get more money for diapers by not paying their debts monthly? Better yet, maybe Broyles thinks Knox County should just not pay any of it's debt.

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Brian Paone said...

Your commenter in question is an individual by the name of Mary Wilson, and the reason she's doing the "thank you" posts for Broyles and McKenzie is likely because of an exchange she and I had on the morning of June 4. (The "thank yous" started appearing on June 5, and the first one is a near carbon-copy of the reply she sent me on the 4th.)

I do have to say, though, Broyles' proposal seems to have some legs with most of the people I've asked about it, though a little tweaking appears to be needed to garner their full support. The most popular variant thus far is in a compromise - take enough from the scheduled debt overpayment to fund a 4% raise for people making $40k or less, and 1.5% raises for the rest, specifically.

I'd rather pay as much down on the debt as possible and give raises only to the $40k and unders, but I'm also the only one of my generation that I asked that even had an opinion. Which is probably why my generation's going to get screwed on the bill down the road, but hey - we can always do the same to the next generations.

After all, isn't that what my generation is being taught to do now? ;-)