Friday, June 10, 2011

Call to Action for ALL Pro-Lifers: Reject Commissioner Broyles Pro Baby Killing Amendment

Commissioner Amy Broyles obviously ticked off about Mayor Burchett's reasonable and responsible budget that contributes a quantitative amount of money to Beck Center and to the KAT Seniors Ride Free Program has decided to propose ELIMINATION of the Hope Resource Center. Never mind that Hope has an educational component that educates our communities pre-teens and teenagers to abstain from pre-marital sex. Never mind that Hope saves babies from being murdered by Abortion providers.

Evidently Broyles is an advocate of killing babies and teen sexual activity. Contact the Knox County Commissioners and demand that they NOT eliminate the Hope Resource Center from our tax contributions. The next generation (the unborn) need you to stand up NOW.

Sam McKenzie 865-524-1458; Amy Broyles 865-224-6269 or 865-237-6538; Tony Norman 865-524-4301; Jeff Ownby 865-441-6162; Richard Briggs 865-966-5125 or 865-632-5900; Vice Chairman Brad Anders 865-539-5348; Richard Larry Smith 865-679-4106; Dave Wright 865-687-6677; Mike Brown 865-577-3481 or 865-577-4715; Chairman Michael Hammond 865-470-8599 or 865-212-4516 and Ed Shouse 865-584-7858


Anonymous said...

She is not advocating for killing babies and teen sexual activity. Where did you ever come up with that? sensationaltion journalism sems to be here.

Brian Hornback said...

If she wants to eliminate Hope's funding and they no longer exist that IS exactly what will occur without Hope's educational campaign to teenagers and without an option other than an abortion clinic.

Now, I will no longer publish and respond to spineless cowards that post Anonymously. If you don't have the wherewithall to put your REAL name on a comment, then you really have nothing to say that is worth listening to.

jeff_ownby said...

I do not support defunding the Hope center and do support this budget that the mayor has presented.

jeff_ownby said...

I do not support the defunding of the Hope center and I do support the budget as presented to me and the rest of the Commissioners in attendance that day.

Brian Paone said...

Hi Jeff. How's life in the Fourth?

Listen, I appreciate your stance and all (it's better than the one my rep has, anyway), but we really do have to find a way to get some kind of a raise done for at LEAST the rank-and-files in the trenches making $40k or less. It's been way too long for most of 'em, and $40k doesn't go too far nowadays thanks largely to the price of gas.

We can't do much about that, but we can find a way to get at least THOSE raises done, and as much as I hate to admit it Broyles has a decent way to pay for it.

Granted, it's at my generation's expense, but no one I've talked to about the concept from my generation seems to give a tinker's damn anyway. So, what do you think about taking just enough from the scheduled debt overpayment to fund a decent raise JUST for the full-timers at $40k or less? Say, 3 to 4 percent? (Might as well give 'em 4, I say. I bet they'd appreciate it.)

Also, I'm assuming you're in favor of a zero-balance on the discretionary funds for Commissioners?

(I'll email this to you as well. Frankly, I have no idea who reads Brian's site or how frequently.)

Brian Paone said...

Talked w/ Jeff. Very pleasant conversation, though somewhat guarded. (I guess it's to be expected.) I'll let him expound on the conversation if he so chooses, though.

Looking forward to Tuesday. Damned shame one can't BYOB to these things...