Monday, June 13, 2011

What Is The Motive?

Tomorrow at 3 pm, the Knox County Commission will meet to consider Mayor Burchett's 2011/2012 proposed budget. One Knox County Commissioner has gone the budget process alone. That Commissioner is Amy Broyles. She did not attend the Mayor's budget presentation, she did not attend any of the Mayor's public input sessions. She would not return phone calls of the Mayor's office to meet with them. Here is what she did, she crafted her own proposals, refused to share them with the Mayor or Commissioners. She met first with the News Sentinel Editorial Board to present her plan. She then and only then scheduled a meeting with the Mayor to present her plan.

What is her motive in operating in a silo (alone)? Could it be that she is setting herself out in the public and with media as a "quasi leader" to help advance herself for a countywide position or possibly as a leader of the Commission when they reorganize the Commission leadership in September?

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