Thursday, June 23, 2011

Commissioner Broyles Is Concerned Over Emails, What If As A Private Citizen You Ask Questions And Get Accosted?

Commissioner Broyles is concerned about two anonymous emails received in June and one received in October 2010. I have served as an elected official, Between 2000-2004, I have received emails, letters, phone calls, had several angry citizens in my face. On election day in 2004, I had a male citizen get very irate when I professed (at his question) to be a Bible believing Christian.

As Republican Party Chairman from 2005-2007, I encountered people that were unhappy on a regular basis. The most grievous action was just last year, when I was accosted for simply asking questions of the Knox County Election Commission. Don't just take my word for it, read the eyewitness account from a News Sentinel reporter, here.

While it is uncomfortable when citizens disagree, Commissioner Broyles is receiving $37,704.86 in compensation from the taxpayers. Read the compensation story,

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