Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walt Wojnar asked So, What Haappens To The County Golf Parks?

This morning, Community Activist Walt Wojnar asked me a question that stumped me. So, Knox County sells Three Ridges Golf Course, Concord Park Par 3 and Beverly Park Par 3 to pay for a NEW Carter Elementary. Is it a requirement that the new owners operate golf course. His thinking is the the amenities that would be offered to a residential development at the Concord Park Par 3.

I talked with a couple of sources from County Commission and the initial talk is that there would be deed restriction on a sale of Three Ridges Golf Course would require that it remain a golf course. Simply because the terrain would be difficult for housing and supposedly one of the reasons Three Ridges was built was to provide a buffer between the residences and the Knox County Detention Facility. According to Commission sources, there isn't enough room to build house on the golf course property. However, it appears that a development company could (at this point in time) purchase the Par 3's and potentially build residential properties,


Brian Paone said...

What about selling the AJ?

Brian Hornback said...

Great idea, I don't want it to be 100% condos, though. I would like to see part of it as a hotel and condos on the very top, like teh Loews Vanderbilt in Nashville

Brian Paone said...

The idea's Walt's, so I can't take credit. I think it'd be a pretty snazzy hotel, as well. (The less condos the better. Downtown's got more condos than bums now.)