Friday, June 03, 2011

A Day Late, $3,065,000 Gone

Sources close to Knox County taxes  -vs- Beck Center debate indicate that the "Beck Audit" reveals that during the time of Commission Chairman Mike Hammond's term the Beck Center has received in excess of $3.0 million dollars. Had Commissioner Hammond sought the financials of the Beck Center in 2004-2005, instead of simply rubber stamping county tax dollars over to Beck there would be enough money for Knox County employee raises.

It appears from this story in today's News Sentinel print edition (yesterday on knoxnews) that the City of Knoxville is now seeing that the time to apply the brakes to the tax gravy train. At least demonstrate what the ROI (Return On Investment) has been. Government needs to run our like a business, it seems that Mayor Burchett is doing what a majority of citizens have begged for, now let's get other elected officials on board with making rational business decisions with "our" money not simply reacting to emotion and "red meat" rhetoric.

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