Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beck Center Obviously Doesn't Need any Government Dollars

The Beck Center has been complaining that the Community Grant money has been reduced in the County Mayor's budget. The advocates for the government handout for Beck contend that Beck can not survive without the County tax dollars. Evidently it isn't that bad, sources indicate that Beck has retained the services of Arnold Cohen. Sources indicate that Cohen is known as an expensive, liberal leaning lawyer.


Hubert Smith said...

C'mon now. Ask your sources is he doing this pro bono before rumors get out of hand. Also, ask your sources if Cohen is not on the board of directors and ask your sources was Cohen not one of the attorney's who drafted the agreement with the Ragsdale Administration. I'm not saying good, bad, right or wrong. However, we should have our facts straight. Sources say, "I'm sure you will agree." :)

Brian Paone said...

Speaking of sources, Hubert:

I have it on excellent authority that you've solicited and received the support of a one Avon W. Rollins for your attempt at the City Council Seat A slot.

On June 6.

About 10 days after Rollins spewed racist garbage at Terry Caruthers for daring to have an informed opinion on the Beck's organizational issues.

Interesting to note that Racist Rollins hasn't bothered to apologize for it yet. But you're a big civil rights guy, right? Had that shindig down at the Crowne in January '09 celebrating civil rights work and all?

What I want to know as a City voter, Hubert, is whether you plan on publicly denouncing that garbage or not. As a reminder, here's what Rollins belched on May 27 (in print, no less - can't even say it to the woman's face):

"'When the county was paying our custodial bills, we worked with a less expensive person to provide custodial services. The same thing with lawn care. We try to be very frugal with our resources. Ms. Caruthers is non-African American. I don't know what her ulterior motives are. She might have a bias.'"

So where does Candidate Hubert stand on this utterly classless and completely uncalled-for statement?

Will you publicly decry this and call for an apology? Or did Rollins sign that petition for a reason?

Time to man up, Hubert. See you Tuesday, I'm sure.

Brian Paone said...

Huh. Shoulda paid closer attention to the date. Rah-rahing for Rollins four days before getting his signature on your nominating petition, I see.

For a guy that talks a big game about transparency in government, Hubert, you're acting awfully Black Wednesday. Get it together or even the currently-weak Seat A field is going to have a field day with you.

Y'know, kinda like your previous failed attempts?

Seriously, this is getting pretty damned disgusting. Did I ever know you, Hubert? Or are you just that good at hiding who you really are?