Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can He Do That?

Yesterday at County Commission Work Session, Commissioner Tony Norman says that he has been meeting with Commissioners in "noticed meetings". He says that he is attempting to get "reconsideration" on the Briggs amendment. The Sunshine law which Norman did accurately notice, states that you "are not to deliberate" it is clear from Norman's admission that he is deliberating in these "noticed" meetings. When I posted this on Sunday about Norman meeting with Briggs last week. A source overheard Norman say to Briggs, "so we have a deal". That is a clear violation, in my humble opinion.


Also yesterday Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs explains why he proposed the Briggs Amendment. It was good policy then, it is good policy today. Dr. Briggs has nothing to apologize, explain or rescind. I am hoping the Briggs, the military veteran that he is, does not give up the hill over the minority bullying him



Anonymous said...

Norman should face ouster over this. That is a clear violation of the Sunshine Law.

Anonymous said...

Norman must be happy that Obama stopped the XL Keystone pipeline, wiping out thousands of jobs and making us more dependent on Middle East oil.

But it's all for the environment!

Canada will turn to China, just as devlopers will look elswhere to develop besides Knox County because of the hilltop plan.

And yes, Norman should face ouster. He clearly thinks the rules don't apply to him. I won't be voting for him next time around, and i wish I hadn't the first time.