Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Could Commissioner Norman Experience the Jail From The Inside?

After this post this morning where I posted videos from yesterday's County Commission Work Session. I received a call from Lonnie Harris, local community and TEA party activist. He reminded me that Commissioner Norman should still be under an injunction issued by Knox County Chancellor Fansler. 

If you will remember when the term limits case went to Chancery Court. Chancellor Fansler issued an injunction to all Commissioners not to ever violate the Sunshine law. If they do, they can be sentenced to 10 days in jail for each incident. In the video from yesterday, Norman admits that he was intentionally deliberating with the Commissioners to get a reconsideration. 


Anonymous said...

Counting Lonnie Harris, Commissioner Tony Norman is nine people away from an ouster lawsuit. It takes ten. Considering the time Tony has wasted from so many people, the other nine signatures and the money won't be a problem.

Remember when Tony Norman was for the Charter Amendment in 2008 to reduce County Commission from 19 members to 11? Even wonder what that was about? Count the first three seats. They are all in the city limits. And if Finbarr Saunders would have won over Jeff Ownby, that would have been the first four seats.

It only takes six votes to win a vote with 11 Commissioners.

Tony Norman planned this take over of land rights back in 2008 when he proposed the Charter Amendment to reduce the size of County Commission so the city Commissioners would have to only get two votes to make decisions for the county. Only two votes out of the remaining seven votes. Tony Norman planned this all along. Little wonder he doesn't care about the Sunshine Law.

What is Tony Norman up to?

rachel craig said...

The cure for a Sunshine Law violation isn't jail. It's to admit you messed up & redo the deliberation in public.

After Black Wednesday, Commissioners were given an opportunity to do this and refused. That's why the KNS sued. When Commission lost in court, they didn't get jail time; they were told to redo the appts.

Anonymous said...

An ouster suit isn't jail. It is removal from office. Norman has bullied and intimidated people in public and on film. He doesn't get to apologize that away. Norman broke the Sunshine law and he will be removed for what he has done.