Monday, January 02, 2012

Where is "The Focus" in 2012?

Today the Shopper News was delivered as usual. However, my sources that work where "The Focus" is printed called me this weekend and said there is no Focus being printed this weekend. In November Pilot/FlyingJ stores decided that it was time for the Focus not to be placed in their stores. This was a major setback as the Focus publisher has boasted how his paper is the only giveaway paper allowed in Pilot/FlyingJ. Racks were designed and purchased by the Focus exclusively for Pilot/FlyingJ stores to hold the Focus papers. Why would the paper select the first paper of the year to not produce and publish a paper? It doesn't set a good positive message to advertisers that the paper is ready for a great productive year. All other newspapers published their first edition of the year.

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