Monday, January 09, 2012

Preacher Mull Greets Lady Mull!

This morning shortly after 8:00 am I received word that just after 4:00 am Lady Mull (Mrs. J. Bazzel "Elizabeth" Mull) had passed away. The first thing I envisioned was Preacher J. Bazzel Mull meeting her at the gates of heaven with his new eyes and hugging her and leading her to the presence of God. In much the same way, she guided and led Preacher all those years. I remember growing up, when I stayed at my Mammaw's house on the weekends her having Preacher & Mrs. Mull and the Mull Singing Convention on the television on Sunday mornings. Even in the 23 plus years that my wife and I have been married, I always turn on the Mull Singing Convention as we get ready for church. Primarily to see if the Mull's were ok. Obviously, for some time Charlotte (Preacher and Mrs. Mull's daughter) has been on as Mrs. Mull's health has declined. I will continue to check on Charlotte, because I wouldn't know what else to turn on from 7:00 - 8:00 pm on Sunday mornings on WVLT VolunteerTV. The Mull's have enriched the lives of Christ followers in promoting Southern Gospel Music and to the ministers that are Southern Gospel Artists there careers have been easier. Also, the radio airwaves continue to spread the message of Southern Gospel Music as the Mull's radio station WJBZ Praise 96.3 FM has a Southeast footprint.

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