Monday, January 23, 2012

My Hero Fred Thompson May Have Me Close To Picking A Candidate for GOP President

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Cosmo G said...

This is a real interesting twist, perhaps Fred is angling for some type of an appointment or pivotal role in a potential brokered convention in Tampa this summer. Fred is the consumate party power player puppet and everybody in Lamar Alexander's camp knew the framework and timing of his resignation to get a run up on money, support, and committments for the run to fill the open seat when the caretaker gave it up.

Fred has chances to do great things, couldn't get a subpoena served on Johnny Wong for anything, although CNNs cameras were all over him. Never really could meet the state and national expectations that were placed on him. Fred has been irrelevant in Tennessee politics since he quit and he got smoked on the proposed tort reform, further demonstrating his irrelevance in a relevant field of his perceived expertice.

If Freddie says Newt is the man, something is up, Fred's Republican DNA would make him a Romney man. There are a ton of Fred Heads in East Tennessee who have dumped millions in Romney coins and the curtain is going up on something rather interesting.