Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

County Commission Vice Chairman Brad Anders and I were talking several months ago. He referred to Mike Donila the originator of the term "Deathstar" and the local government watchdog reporter for the Big Metal Shed on the Hill in an unusual term.

Now that Donila has been the investigative reporter on the Trustee Duncan unearned bonuses and now the Deathhstar literally shakes when Donila enters the building. It is time to begin using the term Vice Chairman Anders said to me several months ago.

 In a boxing announcers voice, Ladies and Gentlemen entering the Deathstar is "Mike Donila the Career Killa"!

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Keeping Them honest said...

When will NS do follow-up on Duncan and Chad Tindell---simply writing a check is not enough to resolve the "Bogus Bonus" story.....have checks been written? I understamd some employees want a monthly payback plan...will those employees pay the County interest....has this bonus become a loan? I know employees in the City-County Building are still upset about the special deal the Trustee gave his favorites!!