Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scripps and The Truth? Really!?

I am skeptical of this new tool that debuted today by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill and it's sister publication Commercial Appeal on the west end of Tennessee. If the truth were determined by an independent third party, I could feel at ease. However, the tool is utilizing Scripps employees to determine the truth. 

For example the Haslam-O-Meter that will debut in the near future, are we supposed to believe that Scripps management is going to call Governor Bill Haslam's campaign promises and results fairly. When the Haslam family business buys thousands of Big Metal Shed on the Hill papers every Friday to give away to their customers, we are supposed to believe that Scripps management will allow their employees to call the balls and strikes on Governor Haslam fairly and accurately. Now, if they would hire Shock And Awe an independent truth stating source to call the balls and strikes. That would be fair and balanced. 


Anonymous said...

And what's even more disturbing is that the Haslam-o-meter doesn't allow commenting.

Keeping Them Honest said...

Brian--Anonymous is correct....The haslam-o-meter is never in question and the N-S never covers his negatives. Wamp and Ramsey leaned this the hard way in the governor's race.