Monday, January 02, 2012

Trustee Duncan Bonuses Issue Is Not Going Away in 2012

Last week, WBIR ran a story about how Trustee John Duncan was going to instruct his employees that received the unearned bonuses to complete the work or return the money by June 2012. Shock And Awe reported that story here. I received criticism on a certain "weekly print media photojournalist" facebook page for being too critical of Trustee Duncan. That is ok, I can handle people with jealousy/personal issues against me. 

However, it seems that the issue isn't going away. As I was looking through this weeks Farragut Shopper News. Sandra Clark quotes County Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith as saying, “I’m not for (fee offices) paying $3,000 bonuses for taking an open book test.” This is a quote from a looking ahead to 2012 segment that Clark published here. While I had been hearing rumors from the "Deathstar" that some Commissioners wanted to discuss it this month, January 2012. That is as close to straight from the source as you can get. If the former Knox County Republican Party Chairman Smith is fired up for those strong words against the son of the Congressman and another former Knox County Republican Party Chairman Chadwick B. Tindell. It is a sure thing that there will be discussion. So saddle up your horses people, 2012 is going be a good ride. 

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Anonymous said...

Ironic that just after Larry Van Guilder left the Shopper to become Trustee Duncan's public relations specialist, the Shopper finds out about this story. What other stories was LVG suppressing while still employed at the Shopper?