Monday, January 16, 2012

Doug Harris, School Board Candidate Son Goes Into Business with School System Information

At 7:24 pm tonight Knox County Third District School Board Candidate Doug Harris posted this on his Facebook. 

"Get your Knox County School student grades on a new iPhone app! My 15 year son and programmer, Eli, just posted it on Apple iPhone apps store. Search SchoolGrades or knoxgrades. It only works with student username and password. Parents login is coming soon. The logo is a red apple. It'll cost you though....99 cents." 

I then posted the following.

 "You probably need to check Knox County Schools Procedures and Policies. Also you would need to check the ethics policy for school board members. I had a friend that got elected in Sullivan County and could not continue her or her families contract as school photographer in Sullivan County." 

Harris then replied

"Eli does not work with or for Knox Co schools. The app just accesses the internet site provided to all students and parents. It is his app." 

 Harris then came back with

 "Thanks for the heads up though. I appreciate it."

 I then replied.

 "O.k. Your call, I am just trying to be helpful."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Doug Harris is the listed owner on the App Store. You direct questions from Apple to him.

Besides, I can't imagine SchoolFusion will let this stand. Could somebody create an App that takes content from the Knoxville News Sentinel, makes it look all fancy, and then try to charge $1 for it, without Scripps issuing a cease and desist?